Customize Your Harley-Davidson® Touring Motorcycles with Boom!™ Audio

With any Touring Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, it'll take a powerful sound system to cut through the noise. The Harley-Davidson® Boom! Audio system has been designed to compete with the demands of the Harley® lifestyle; namely traffic, road conditions, and wind. At Big Sky Harley Davidson, we want you to enjoy every aspect of your ride, from the deep rumble of the engine, to the sweet sounds of pavement as it glides by beneath your feet. And with the Boom! Audio system you'll have everything you need to turn your next on-the-road adventure into your own private concert.

Cutting Through the Noise

The Boom! Audio system has been designed to deliver the optimum balance of sound clarity and definition, loud enough to cut through the noise of the road yet fine-tuned enough to provide accurate sound reproduction. To accomplish this, Harley-Davidson® has assembled a line of audio components engineered to work flawlessly and fit on your bike with exact mechanical and electrical compatibility. Each component has been tested to the extreme to ensure high reliability and durability, while the plug-and-play design means you'll never have to splice any wires together. Add to this the expertly matched electrical connectors, and it's unlikely you'll ever run into installation problems. And because our components have been rigidly tested and made to be compatible with your bike's other electrical components you won't get any Diagnostic Trouble Codes the next time you bring in your Road Glide® or Street Glide® for a tune-up.

Boom! Audio Equalization Radio Program

Whether you're touring through hillsides and open fields on your Road Glide or racing through the concrete jungle on your Street Glide motorcycle, you want a sound system that can handle the range of ambient noise you'll encounter. The Boom! Audio system comes equipped with unique equalizer parameters so you'll get near perfect sound no matter your setup. Have a simple two-speaker system? Boom! Audio's EQ will put emphasis on the lower frequencies to boost the bass. Have a more robust four-speaker setup, with two fairing speakers and two rear luggage carrier speakers? The Boom! EQ reduces the output of your fairing speakers' bass frequencies for clearer and louder mid-range sound. And the Boom! Audio amplifiers have been designed to take the original un-amplified signal (from either the radio, CD, or USB source) to produce the cleanest and most accurate audio output to your speakers. Whatever system of amplifiers, speakers, and where they are on your Touring motorcycle, the Boom! Audio system has an EQ configuration to deliver the best clarity and definition.

Boom! Audio Stage II and Stage I

Harley-Davidson® has split the Boom! Audio system into two stages of sound performance, so you can customize your Touring motorcycle with whatever setup best fits your riding style. The Boom! Audio Stage II system comes with bi-amplified, three-way, 150-watt per channel speakers featuring a woofer, a mid-range, and a tweeter for unmatched low, mid, and high sound. You've also got two 75-watt amplifier channels powering each speaker with an additional amplifier channel powering the woofer and mid-range/tweeter combo. Bottom line? It'll sound like you're at a concert while you're on the road, no matter the conditions, weather, or traffic.

The Boom! Audio Stage I setup is a little simpler but still delivers unmatched sound quality, boasting single amplified, two-way, 75-watt per channel speakers. These speakers feature a woofer and tweeter making sure both high and low frequencies come through crystal clear. Powering these is one 75-watt amplifier channel so your speakers will never underperform, meaning no hiss and no clicks or pops.

Wherever you ride, there's always going to be sound. Traffic, construction, even the drone of wheels on pavement, but with the Harley-Davidson® Boom! Audio system you can choose what you listen you. If you're looking for a more robust setup, check out the Stage II system, or if you want to keep things simple and pared down, the Stage I system is ideal. However you choose to drown out the noise of the road, you're guaranteed to get only the finest audio components and hassle-free installation with the Boom! Audio system.