Customizing a Harley-Davidson® Sportster®

Harley-Davidson® fans from all over understand the legacy of a Sportster®. This long-running lineup has asserted its place with some of the most cherished bikes to ever leave a dealership. With great performance capacity, interesting styles, and a knack for making its riders comfortable, it's no wonder the Sportster® has survived for so long and pleased so many. But one other key element that you need to think about is its potential for customization. While there are already definitive features on each of these motorcycles, they're best enjoyed when you take advantage of their mutability. You can change one into a cafe racer, track racer, chopper, or even cruiser, as well as make other small adjustments for comfort and performance.

As a Sportster® owner, you might wonder how you can upgrade your bike with these awesome new features.

Accessories for Comfort

If you're really going to enjoy your bike, you'll need to get it fit for your body type first. For taller builds, you would probably like something that doesn't make you feel so crowded when you hold the handlebars and rest your feet on the footpegs. With the Tallboy setup, this isn't a problem anymore. It features the solo seat, which makes you ride hither up. That way, you can stretch out your legs and assume a comfortable posture. If you have this accessory though, make sure you also have the Tallboy Handlebars installed. These let your arms extend a little more, taking some strain off your shoulders and elbows. On the other hand, if you feel like the Sportster® handlebars and footpegs are a bit of a reach for your body, try an easy fix with the Super Reach solo seat and handlebars. The seat lowers you to the ground a little more, while the handlebars rest closer to your body for an easier reach. With either of these accessories, you'll optimize your Harley-Davidson® for maximum comfort and control.

Make it Fit Your Style

After you've made it more comfortable, the next step is to make sure your bike matches with your own style. Too many bikers are content to ride the motorcycle as is, without adding any personal touches to make their ride unique. But that can't be you. You want your own independent look, so why not choose from the many customization options for your Sportster®? If you want a chopper design, for instance, you can simply improve it with the old-school ape hanger handlebars. On the other hand, you can achieve the cruiser look by using Sportster® Clubman Handlebars. And if you really need to go all out on this style, add the Super Reach Solo Seat, which is the ultimate accessory for a showpiece cruiser. We don't recommend this upgrade if you want a more comfortable ride though, so unless you're going purely for the cruiser style, you can get the Signature Series Solo Seat with a backrest and ergonomic shape instead. Finally, you can even improve the rims on these motorcycles. With a Fat X 5-Spoke wheel, you'll give your Sportster® a shiny chrome look. And if you elect for the Solid Fat Boy Rear Wheel, you get plenty of grit and toughness in the very spokes of your Sportster®.

After reading this, you're hopefully excited about all the customization options that are available for a Harley-Davidson® Sportster®.