Customizing your Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

After getting your latest Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, odds are the only thing as exciting as riding it for the first time is spending some time customizing it. Harley® bikes are well known for their easy to install and wide-ranging customization options, so it's only natural that you'd want to start your upgrading right away. But there's a lot of aftermarket parts to sift through, so how will you know what your bike will need?

To make the process a little easier for you, ShopBigSkyHarley has broken down your options into three major groups: size, performance, and style upgrades. The kind of upgrades you get will depend on what's going to make your ride easier or what you want from your bike.

Size Upgrades

Harley-Davidson® bikes roll out of the factory at a one-size-fits-all rate, and this works just fine for some riders. However, if you find you're straining to reach the controls or are feeling a little cramped, there are ways to adjust parts of the bike to make your ride easier and more comfortable. If you find you're too big for your bike, you can look into features from the Tallboy setup. The Tallboy Solo Seat raises your sitting position to give you more leg room when at a stop while footpeg extenders let you stretch out when you're in motion. You can also get the Tallboy Handlebars to make it more comfortable to reach the controls.

If you find yourself straining because your bike is too big for you, check out the Super Reach package. This can include the Super Reach Solo Seat to bring your feet closer to the ground and the foot controls. You can also get the Reach Handlebars, so the controls are right at your fingertips.

Performance Upgrades

When you're comfortable on your bike, you might want to turn to performance upgrades. The original parts of Harley® bikes will all work to maximize performance already, but many tried, and true gearheads like to bump things up a notch. Many of these parts will come from Screamin' Eagle®, like the Screamin' Eagle Buckshot Exhaust that comes in nickel, chrome, and jet black to add style and performance. You can also look at the Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner Kit to improve power and efficiency, or take it a step further and upgrade to a big bore cylinder upgrade kit. This will also improve torque and horsepower to give you the ultimate road machine.

If you want to keep a low profile, you may want to look into the Two-Up Profile Low Rear Shock Kit or the Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit, to add style and improve your suspension in just the way you like. If you want to start out with a simpler upgrade, consider switching out the tires your bike came with for tires that give you better traction under certain road conditions or even just tires that add a little extra flare.

Style Upgrades

Maybe you're ready to skip past all that to get to the fun part: the style upgrades. There's no denying that Harley-Davidson® bikes tout a style that sets them apart from the competition, but you can take that even further by switching out certain parts to create a look that's either reminiscent of historic looks or unique to you.

Think about what you might want to change if you want the ultimate cruiser look. You might want the Sportster® Clubman Handlebars or the Signature Series Solo Seat to provide the perfect combination of cool style and ideal comfort for the kind of riding you'll be doing. You can also get a larger tank to give you the perfect edge and make for fewer fuel stops. Then again, if you want a nostalgic chopper look, you'll probably want the old-school ape hanger handlebars or the Fat X 5-Spoke wheel. For a cafe racer, maybe you'll want small and light parts, like a smaller gas tank.

You can also look at parts individually. The Super Reach Solo Seat doesn't have to be about making your bike easier to ride. It can also give you a low-to-the-ground profile for a smooth aesthetic. On the other hand, the Solid Fat Boy Rear Wheel gives you a stronger, more industrial look. It all boils down to what you want your bike to say to the bystanders you pass on the streets.

You'll still have to look through these parts and decide for yourself what you need and what you want. But if you need ideas or additional help, our experienced staff at ShopBigSkyHarley is ready to serve you.