Harley-Davidson® Windshield Upgrades

If you want to ride your motorcycle longer and be less tired when you get there, the solution is clear: buy a windshield for your motorcycle! Windshields look great and add an important performance boost. They come in many shapes and sizes, so why not see what your bike might look like with a windshield of it's own?

Purpose of Windshields

If you've never ridden a bike with a windshield, you might be thinking something along the lines of "windshields look cool, but are they really necessary?"" Depending on what type of riding you'll be doing, a windshield can be the best upgrade you'll ever make. A windshield pushes wind, rain, and debris over the rider's head, creating a sheltered space. The real benefit for the rider is that riding causes less fatigue and you arrive at your destination feeling less tired and exhausted. This is especially helpful for commuters or touring riders who spend a large amount of time on their bike on a regular basis. If you're riding in the rain, you can have a shield from spray and debris kicked up by trucks and other vehicles, giving you better sight lines. And because you'll be spared the worst of conditions, you'll be less likely to get cold, a key factor in riding in inclement weather.

Types of Windshield and Deflectors

There are three essential classifications of windshields: fork mounted, fairing mounted, and deflectors. Each of these offer different benefits and drawbacks. Remember: a windshield isn't necessarily just a clear piece of glass, like it is in a car. A windshield on a motorcycle can be anything that deflects air, water, and debris from the rider's body. Besides fork mounted windshields, which are specifically meant to shield the head, there are also fairing mounted windshields and deflectors. Deflectors can help to deflect air so that it doesn't pass over the engine into the legs, which can be quite warm. There are also batwing-style fairings which can be adjusted deflect air around the body or allow more air to hit the body for ventilation. These different types of deflectors can be used in many different combinations to suit your purposes.

Proper Windshield Height

One of the most important parts of using a windshield is making sure it's set to the correct height. After all, if the windshield is too low, it won't offer any protection, whereas if it's too high, it could get in the rider's sightlines. Some windshields are adjustable specifically for the purpose of giving the rider the ability to set their windshield at the perfect height. Ideally, you'll want your windshield to end just below your sight line. This will allow your windshield to push the air straight over your head. At the same time, any debris or water that clings to the windshield will stay out of your sightlines so you won't lose focus on the road ahead.

Harley-Davidson® Windshields

There are several types of windshield available for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and each one looks and protects in its own way. A Sport windshield is perfect for a little added protection from wind and rocks or other road debris without getting in the way of that free, open feeling that makes riding a motorcycle so unique. A Compact windshield is easy to install (no tools necessary) and it's perfect for everyday riding or commuting. A King windshield plows through the air and rain offering maximum comfort. For a little extra control, choose a Ventilator, which allows you open vents for a cooling breeze or close them when the weather turns south. Finally, a Wind Splitter offers a similar ventilation system as the Ventilator but with a low-profile look.