Keeping Warm on the Road Riding your Harley-Davidson®

Keeping warm on the road is one of the biggest obstacles to winter riding. Learning to dress for poor weather conditions, keeping dry, and even which bike you should take on the road will go a long way to keeping you warm for those winter rides!

Dress for the Occasion

The first, and most obvious thing you can do to protect yourself from the cold, is to dress properly. Consider dressing in layers, several thin layers underneath your riding jacket will improve your comfort by factors, and if you start feeling too warm they can be stripped off. Our selection of Triple Vent jackets also provide some flexibility, so you can simply open up a couple of vents to moderate your temperature. Over top of your riding jacket, you may want to consider a rain suit (depending on the weather) which will keep you dry (more on that below). Regardless of the specific clothing you're wearing, make sure you've got a snug fit, especially around the wrists between your gloves and jacket, and around your pant legs. Protecting yourself from the cold wind is going to be one of the most effective ways to keep your comfort level up as you ride.

Stay Dry

Like we said before, wearing rain gear can make a big difference. Even if the rain isn't falling, spray from the road will still soak you to the bone in no time if you're not prepared, so get a set of rain gear (we offer some awesome rain gear in our MotorClothes® lineup) to protect yourself from the wet. Our rain gear can be put on quickly, and packs down easily for storage in your saddlebag or pack.

What your Ride Matters

Riding a Sportster® in the summer is great, but when the temperature drops you may find yourself wishing you had a windscreen. Your choice of bike makes a huge difference in the way you'll feel, so if you know you're going to be riding in the wet and cold a lot, consider a bike that has a windscreen or some fairing. If you want to outfit your bike for a better ride in the rain or cold, come in and see our parts department and we'll be happy to help you find some accessories that will make your ride more bearable.

Modern Convenience

Technology has made some pretty awesome advances in the past few decades. If you want to really beat the cold check out some of our heated riding gear! This equipment can plug into your bike, or a portable power source, keeping you toasty warm any time of the year! If heated riding gear seems like it may be overkill, then we recommend picking up some hand warmers (the kind that skiers and snowboarders use) and tuck some into your gloves, and a couple in the interior pockets of your riding jacket. These will provide a little temporary relief to take the edge out of the morning chill.

Whether you're using light layers to bundle up and then strip down to cool off, upgrading to some Harley-Davidson® rain gear to keep the water off your back, or have installed a windshield or even swapped out your bike for another Harley® with better fairing, there are tons of great ways to keep warm while you're on the road.