Light Up your Harley-Davidson® with LED Lights

If you just came out of the dealership with a new Harley-Davidson®, you're looking forward to getting it on the road. Or, maybe you haven't gotten a new bike yet, but you're still stoked about cruising around again. No matter what, driving a Harley-Davidson® is an amazing experience, but it's never fun if you can't stay safe while riding. The first step to ensuring a safe ride is to use the best possible lighting for visibility and function. You need to be able to see the road ahead, and you also want to stand out to other riders and drivers so they can watch out for you when it's dark, foggy, rainy, or even on clear days sometimes. Also, using lights that make your motorcycle glow is a great way to show off your ride, and who doesn't like doing that?

Harley-Davidson® offers a huge variety of LED lighting accessories, and using LED puts you a step ahead of riders who rely on halogen or HID lights.

Types of LED Lights for Motorcycles

The great thing about Harley-Davidson® LED light products is that there are so many different kinds that you can put virtually anywhere on your bike. You'll ride down the road on a light display for a motorcycle that won't only get you noticed, but will also turn some heads! Style up with some of these amazing light accessories from Harley-Davidson®.

Fat Bob® Daymaker™ Head Lamps

Don't limit yourself with a HID or Halogen headlight. With Fat Bob® Daymaker™ Head Lamps, you'll get brighter headlamps that shine longer and wider than traditional lights, require less energy and last longer than traditional headlights. You'll never have trouble seeing the road ahead with these on your motorcycle.

Electra Glo™ Light Rings

To wrap around your headlamps, why not add some light rings to get yourself noticed even better? The Electra Glo™ Light Rings give more drama and intensity to the front of your bike, as they release an arc of brilliant light to catch the attention of oncoming drivers.

Turn Signals

The LED Bullet Turn Signals go great on a Rushmore motorcycle, providing riders with a stylish lighting effect that other drivers can't miss.

Tail Light

Harley-Davidson® offers a Layback LED Tail Lamp that contours with the rear fender and gives off more brightness than traditional tail lights. No one will miss it when you're hitting the brakes, so get this Tail Lamp on your bike so others know when to stop for you.

Saddlebag Light Kit

The front and back aren't the only parts of your bike worth seeing, so add the Electra Glo™ Saddlebag Side Marker Light Kit to your saddlebag. This light kit makes you conspicuous from the side, as it places more light and chrome on the edge of your bike's saddlebags.

How LED Lights Make Riding Better

With so many ways to mark up your bike with Harley-Davidson® products, probably the best thing to remember is that all these LED lights won't even use that much energy! LEDs shine brighter than traditional lights with less power, meaning that you won't put extra strain on your battery with all these safe and stylish upgrades. Not to mention, LEDs also last much longer than other types of lights, so you won't have to replace them that often, which saves you money at the parts store in the long run. Finally, you can add all these features to your bike without piling on too much extra weight. Very small LED bulbs can generate just as much brightness as a large halogen bulb, so you won't be bogging down your ride when you deck out with all these lighting products.

If you want a simple way to make your bike stand out from the rest, using Harley-Davidson® custom lights on your ride will give you that needed upgrade for style and safety.