Useful Tips for Touring Motorcycle Riding

If you're looking to explore a diverse landscape, wonderful sights and scenery-America is the perfect place for motorcycle touring. With a vast network of well-maintained highways, taking you to corners of the country you've always wanted to visit. So why not take advantage of them! Here at ShopBigSkyHarley, we want your trip to be comfortable and your experience to be memorable. We'd like to give you a few suggestions for making your touring trip enjoyable, comfortable and to help it go as smoothly as possible.

Plan your Route

Route planning is very helpful. Route planning helps determine the following: the type of clothing you need to pack for your journey, the need to reserve a place to stay, and the necessary gear to bring along. Avoid making an unrealistic timeline, it's important to take rest periods and stop at locations to relax. You can make your ride much more comfortable and can stop at a legendary roadside restaurant along the way. On longer trips, you will need to have full days of rest.

Prepare for the Weather

You are most likely to encounter some inclement weather, the more hours you're on the road. Weather is unpredictable at times, so always make sure to plan around the weather. For instance, if you are planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest in the early spring, you are sure to encounter the need for rain gear. Whereas, if you're going to Florida in August, you will find the need to bring the breeziest riding gear. Before you leave, always check the weather forecast and plan your schedule to avoid the worst weather.

Be a Proficient Packer

It is not easy to pack proficiently-we pack things that we think we will use and sometimes don't use them-with the limited cargo space offered on most motorcycles. A packing list to keep track of everything that you can't possibly ride without and things you can pick up along the way is an excellent way to pack efficiently. These few items are essential on the packing list: a small tool kit, first aid kit, and navigation tool. A small toolkit is helpful when mechanical problems arise. Don't make the mistake of packing your saddlebags too heavy because this will make the difference in the quality of your ride. Extra weight slows you down, makes the motorcycle harder to maneuver, and cost you more at the pump. Limit yourself to the essentials.

Perform a Pre-Ride Evaluation

Motorcycles components tend to wear out much more easily, so you'll need to actively check on your motorcycle. A pre-ride evaluation of the motorcycle is important to perform. This will give you an overall analysis of the condition of your bike. You would want to avoid any damaged or malfunctioning component while on the road. Examine the tires for their appropriate pressure and general state. Next, Make sure all components of the motorcycle are functioning properly. Later, move on to see if the engine fluid levels are topped off. If you locate something that needs to be fixed, don't try to ride it out. It is best to find a solution to the problem. Finally, make sure your cargo is correctly loaded and secured.

Be in Good Condition

Your health is extremely important when out on the road. Motorcycle touring demands special care for your health. It is essential to get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and eat properly. If you keep a healthy lifestyle, you can tackle problems correctly and maintain focus while on the road. Foam earplugs and a backpack hydration system are examples of gear that can help you avoid a health crisis on the road.

Motorcycle touring is a great pastime but it can be tough on your body, by implementing these strategies, your trip will be a memorable experience.