Replacement One-Touch Wireless 12V Wrist Controller - 98348-15VR

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The brains behind it all, our innovative Replacement One-Touch Wireless Wrist Controller puts comfort at your fingertips. With a simple touch, you can independently program five heat settings on the four compatible liners (jacket, glove, pant, sock) for head-to-toe warmth. No knobs, dials, or fussy wires to manage, this lightweight and compact wrist controller is about the size of a watch. And because it's in your sight line, just a glance at your wrist allows you to fine-tune your climate as you journey into unpredictable weather.

  • This replacement piece is used with the Heated One-Touch Programmable 12V Jacket Liner and/or Pant to independently program heat settings on the four compatible liners (jacket, glove, pant, and sock liners)
  • Worn on wrist in rider's line of sight for easy temperature adjustment
  • One-touch control adjusts 5 different heat levels
  • Charges with USB charging cord (included)
  • Water and shock resistant

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