Shipping/Order Terms:

Harley-Davidson is currently taking 6-8 business days to process our orders. Unfortunately this is having a negative impact on our ability to process and ship orders in a timely manner. We are making every effort to get orders out to our customers as quickly as possible, but we are still seeing delays in shipping times due to the pandemic.You can find more information on how the pandemic is affecting each department in the respective categories below.
We appreciate your patience with us as we work through these tough times,

Order Processing:
We are currently processing orders as quickly as we can, Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 6:00pm Mountain Time. We process orders from oldest to newest, so if you place your order over the weekend, it may not get processed until Tuesday or Wednesday. The earlier your order is placed, the earlier we will get it processed.
In-Stock status is not guaranteed.
We are a brick and mortar dealership as well as online retailer. With over 20,000 products on our site, we do not currently have a way to keep our online store updated in real time with our in-store stock, so if something is listed as "in-stock", it simply means that we are capable of obtaining the item from the warehouse.
All dealerships have had difficulty obtaining items and keeping them in stock. Harley-Davidson is currently working on getting caught up as quickly as possible with getting orders shipped out to dealerships throughout the United States so that we can get items out to our customers.
We are also currently working on a way to synchronize our in-store stock with our online platform.
If you need to get something quickly, please Contact us here to get in-stock status before placing your order. All orders are subject to authorization and approval.
We are currently 1-3 days out on processing orders. The confirmation email you receive after placing your order is simply to notify you that your order went through properly, and that we have received it. We will send you an email after we have processed your order to ensure that we can give you the most accurate estimate for when your order will be delivered to you.
When you place your order, your card will be charged immediately. Some of the items in your order may need to be special ordered, on backorder, or are Supplier Direct items. We still need to have the money held to order these items from the warehouse.
Most orders will be delivered within 7-10 business days of processing your order. Due to the pandemic, we are occasionally seeing orders take up to 14 business days to arrive to us. As such, please allow for some wiggle room in our estimates for unexpected delays.
Supplier Direct items usually take longer to get in than our standard items. These include, but are not limited to: Painted parts, speedometers, odometers, performance upgrade kits, lock kits of any sort, etc.
Most Supplier Direct items only take an additional 2 days to get to us. However, with larger items such as painted parts and performance upgrade kits, they can take 30-45 days to get to us. If you have questions, please contact us before placing your order.

Shipping companies in some areas are seeing anywhere from a 3-21 day delay in delivering packages due to the increased volume in shipped goods. The delivery times provided by our shipping options during checkout are not guaranteed, and delivery times may vary depending on how the pandemic is affecting your area. We do not have control over this, but we will do what we can to mitigate delays.
Because Harley-Davidson is taking 6-8 days to process orders from dealerships, and then it takes 3-5 business days to reach us, most special ordered items will take anywhere from 7-21 days to reach you.
Free Shipping offers are subject to Shop Big Sky Harley's discretion regarding the shipping company we use. In order to continue offering free shipping, we need to keep our shipping costs as low as possible. If you need to use a particular shipping company, please select that option at checkout, otherwise we will choose whichever shipping company is the best fit for us.
We ship via USPS or UPS Ground to most of the United States (We do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, APO or AFO).
Due to strict Terms of Service, we DO NOT accept any of the following:
  • International Orders
  • Orders that will be shipped internationally through a Shipping Forwarding Center
  • International Credit Cards
  • Non-US-Verified PayPal transactions
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Backordered products:
Please note that many of our products go on backorder from our supplier or warehouse, and we do not have control over the timing of backorder dates. When we contact you regarding a backordered item, please understand that the backorder dates we receive are estimates from Harley Davidson, and are subject to change in the future. Especially with the pandemic affecting production of these items.

Contacting us:
Please, do not call to check up on your order or return status.
Due to the large influx of delays caused by the pandemic, our customer service team is being flooded with questions. We are working very hard to keep our customers updated as often as we can. Phone calls make it difficult to stay caught up with emails.
Please Contact us Here with our online form, and we will get back to you with an update as quickly as possible. If you would like us to call, please include your phone number, order number (if applicable), and the reason for your call so that we can have all of the information prior to calling.
Please allow around 3 business days for our customer service team to see and respond to your email.

Our customer service department currently works Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 6:00pm Mountain Time.

Following these terms and conditions will ensure that we can assist all of our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.