Combo Digital Speedometer/Analog Tachometer - 70900183

Combo Digital Speedometer/Analog Tachometer - 70900183

Harley Davidson

Product #: 70900183

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Product Details

The easy-to-read digital speedometer sweeps the perimeter of the face.

  • Digital reading can be easily toggled between odometer/tripmeter data, miles-to-empty, clock and MPH or km/h to simplify cross-border travel
  • Monitors engine speed without adding a handlebar-mounted tach
  • Mounts in the stock dash opening and is a direct plug-in installation
  • Mileage reinstatement resides in the vehicle's ECM so initial mileage will be uploaded at the time of gauge installation
  • Dealer flash required before installation

Fits '12-'14 FLD, FXDC and FXDF models equipped with a 5" speedometer. Vehicles without ABS will require a Digital Technician flash to disable the ABS icon.


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