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  • Full systems offer true dual 4 stepped header with sharktail performance mufflers offers anti-reversion, full range torque and optimal horsepower
  • 1-piece full length 220° coverage 16 gauge heavy duty heat shields (full systems only)
  • Removable baffles
  • Standard (32") length exits at rear of factory fender
  • Extended (36") lengths to fit with aftermarket luggage
  • Hot Rod sound!
  • Optional quiet baffle kit available separately
  • Made in the U.S.A.!
  • MY00161

Yamaha XV19C Raider 2008
Yamaha XV19C Raider 2009
Yamaha XV19C Raider 2010
Yamaha XV19C Raider 2011
Yamaha XV19C Raider 2012
Yamaha XV19C Raider 2013
Yamaha XV19C Raider 2014
Yamaha XV19C Raider 2015
Yamaha XV19CB Raider Bullet Cowl 2015
Yamaha XV19CS Raider S 2008
Yamaha XV19CS Raider S 2009
Yamaha XV19CS Raider S 2010
Yamaha XV19CS Raider S 2011
Yamaha XV19CS Raider S 2012
Yamaha XV19CS Raider S 2013
Yamaha XV19CS Raider S 2014
Yamaha XV19CS Raider S 2015
Yamaha XV19CT Stratoliner 2006
Yamaha XV19CT Stratoliner 2007
Yamaha XV19CT Stratoliner 2009
Yamaha XV19CT Stratoliner 2010
Yamaha XV19CT Stratoliner 2011
Yamaha XV19CT Stratoliner 2012
Yamaha XV19CTF Stratoliner Deluxe 2010
Yamaha XV19CTF Stratoliner Deluxe 2011
Yamaha XV19CTF Stratoliner Deluxe 2012
Yamaha XV19CTF Stratoliner Deluxe 2014
Yamaha XV19CTS Stratoliner S 2009
Yamaha XV19CTS Stratoliner S 2010
Yamaha XV19CTS Stratoliner S 2011
Yamaha XV19CTS Stratoliner S 2012
Yamaha XV19CTS Stratoliner S 2013
Yamaha XV19CTS Stratoliner S 2014
Yamaha XV19SCL Raider SCL 2012
Yamaha XV19SCL Raider SCL 2013
Yamaha XV19V Roadliner 2009
Yamaha XV19V Roadliner 2010
Yamaha XV19V Roadliner 2011
Yamaha XV19V Roadliner 2012
Yamaha XV19VM Roadliner Midnight 2009
Yamaha XV19VS Roadliner S 2009
Yamaha XV19VS Roadliner S 2010
Yamaha XV19VS Roadliner S 2011
Yamaha XV19VS Roadliner S 2012
Yamaha XV19VS Roadliner S 2013
Yamaha XV19VS Roadliner S 2014

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